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Birthdate:Oct 5
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I listen to a whole load of music, Its pretty inconsistent on the whole, I really like Neil Diamond you see, but also I have a liking for what could be broadly described as indie. I like NOFX a lot and a couple of female fronted bands The Evangenitals and Pullover. I listen to hip hop when alone, but only really hip hop from the 90’s. I was raised on twee indie and the Ramones and for the most part, I still like that. My favourite ever band is probably the family cat or the senseless things, and in the car I listen to country. Oh and Tenacious D are possibly the best band in the world. I really like Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip, The Rolling Stones and 70's Kinks.
My favourite song ever is a toss up between One man guy by Rufus Wainwright, Nobody loves you when you’re down and out by John Lennon or What do I do now by Sleeper.

I like reality shows a bit too much to the point I download religiously from the states The Amazing Race, Survivor and Americas next top model. If it stopped there I may be a little shy of being embarrassed but no, if it involves a group of people and one of them gets kicked off each week then its fair to say I will watch it. Top Chef, Project Runway, The Mole, you name it, I watch it.

I like Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Steve Carrell. My favourite film maker is Kevin Smith or Judd Apatow. My favourite film is still Its a wonderful life but I also love Chasing Amy. Judd Apatows films make me laugh a lot. Ooh and Anchorman.

I like to read, mainly biographies and the like, but mainly biographies about people I dont like to make sure that I really dont like them and its not a misconception. A case in point that Roy Chubby Brown really is a misogynistic twat. My favourite ever book is possibly The final Harry Potter book, High Fidelity or The Big Blind by Louise Wener, but Motley Crues the dirt is pretty excellent. I am not high brow.

I work in IT, not it, IT and I test software, I am married happily to my Lisa and I think I am pretty devoted to her, and thats corny but I am. We have one child who isnt a child, called Pippa, and she is the Texas Ranger to my Ricky Bobby.
I did go to music festivals in the summer and I still do to a lesser extent, it used to be the big ones like V and reading/leeds but I ended up spending more time complaining about the line up, people etc that I started going to ones that I would actually enjoy over ones which the music press tell me I should go to. I dont go to Glastonbury, I went 4 times, and hated the last 2 times as it appeared to be a holiday camp for the middle classes. I dont mind middle classes, I have friends who are just that, its more a dig at the punter Glastonbury attracts, than the british class system.

At the age of 38 I passed my driving test, I am proud of this fact.
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